Christmas Advert 2017

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Wow, its that time of year again for the Christmas TV advert. Here are the contenders.







The standard gets better each year and so does the market spend. Currently, John Lewis spend around 1million pounds to make their film and a further 6 million to advertise it through various channels. Is it worth it? John Lewis has built their brand on the Christmas advert. This year it's about giving again as the monster gives a nightlight to a small boy. In the past, they have done a Bear and the Boxer dog which have gone down well.

This year I have enjoyed the variety of the other adverts but a clear favourite for me is the Marks and Spencer's Paddington Bear advert. Cleverly written and arriving on time with the 2nd Paddington Bear Film. I love the innocence of it all. The robber who ends up being taught the value of giving and receiving at Christmas and how stealing isn't the way to go.

The production of the other adverts has been fantastic. This for the consumer means that we get an amazing spectacle of great adverts that lighten up what can be a dark, cold time of the year.

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