"Return On Investment" as its better known as.

So when you or your business hire a designer is that ever on your mind? We like to add value to our creative and achieve results for our clients, otherwise why would they work with us…

So if you're a numbers person read on! We can’t count for all our clients but these three have shared their figures with us.

Our creative director, when he started out used to work for well known fitness brand called Fitness First. He used to be their campaign designer, whilst working there he devised a controversial campaign called:

BIG BELLY - Gym’ll Fix it.

He pushed the brand forward and added in new colours for the campaign.

The Result: In its first month it generated 40,000 memberships in 1 month. He then ran it for 6 months. Taking them to 1 million members worldwide 12months ahead of schedule.

Recently we have worked with 2 clients who have shared fantastic results. Shobu a homespa company and J&M Remedial Services who deal with damproofing etc.

Shobu were doing well in there first year picking up intrigue and placing themselves in the market place.

The Result: Within the first month of working with them there sales shot up by 5x. An amazing result and one that we are very proud to continually support.

J&M Remedial Services told us that since doing their website their level of enquires was down, But the quality of them was significantly up.

The Result: This has resulted in being fully booked up until the end of April 2019. A fantastic achievement!

Value in design and branding has its benefits. If your business would like a FREE consultation please feel free to give us a call 01242 323824 or email us at creative@omega3deign.co.uk and we will be happy to discuss your next project with you.

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