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Swaran Food Service

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January 2024
Swaran Food Service

We had the privilege of crafting the logo and brand identity for Swaran Food Service Ltd, a rising star in the poultry market!

Swaran, meaning "gold" in Hindi, embodies the essence of this company: transforming ordinary chickens into cut masterpieces.

Our design team meticulously captured this essence, forging a logo that radiates warmth, and elegance. ✨ The vibrant green color palette evokes the relationship and the promise of quality, while the clean lines and modern typography convey professionalism and trust.

But a logo is just the first bite. We went beyond, crafting a comprehensive brand identity that permeates every aspect of Swaran's presence, from website and signage to marketing materials. Every touchpoint tells the story of a brand passionate about food and committed to quality.

We're incredibly proud of the work we've done with Swaran Food Service Ltd and can't wait to see this culinary gem shine even brighter under its newly minted brand identity.


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